Managing Stress – Herbal Medicine

Seeking Joyful Simplicity

I am developing a personal relationship with many of the plants I am studying. Following a conversation about Managing Stress, I wanted to introduce you to a plant that has helped me a great deal.

Verbena hastata – goes by many common names, but is most frequently known as Blue Vervain. Vervain is a member of the mint family, and is considered a common weed throughout the northern hemisphere. Vervain is a tall plant with beautiful blue flowers. I am growing some in pots until we can move to our permanent home, unfortunately we don’t have much sun here under our tree canopy, and so I have not enjoyed any flowers this summer.


I was introduced to Blue Vervain by my teacher Kathleen Maier. During class one Saturday, I developed one of my chronic headaches. These headaches result from stress in my upper back, radiate up my…

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