Horsetail|Coada calului (Equisetum arvense)

Picking Herbs

HorsetailHorsetail is a very primitive perennial plant with dark-green hollow, jointed or segmented stems 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick with no true leaves.

  • Stems may be singular or have whorls of branches. Only single stems produce the cone-shaped spore producing body at the tip.
  • Horsetails can be standing in water or in wet areas. Horsetail stems contain silicon crystals (i.e. sand) embedded in its tissue. This gritty texture gives it a common name of “scouring rush”.

Where can i find it?

  • Europe, Southern Asia, Northern China, Japan, Canary Islands, North America
  • from plain to mountain regions
  • wet meadows
  • bog
  • near mountainwaters
  • watery land
  • on railwayembankment
  • like weedsincrops

    What parts of it do i use?

  • aerial parts of the plant

Medicinal Use:

INTERNAL USE: – gastrichyperacidity
Horsetail - EquisetumArvense– gastriculcer
– heart failure
– cough
– bronchitis
– pulmonary…

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