Make Dandelion Coffee

Shoestring Sustainability

Homemade dandelion coffee is delicious and healthy. Freshly roasted dandelion root tastes sweet and aromatic. And it’s a weed, growing everywhere for the picking!

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Dandelion root coffee/tea and dandelion leaves are diuretic and a liver tonic. It helps to alkalise the blood, unlike regular coffee. It can reduce fluid retention and bloating, help with weight loss, and boost energy. Isabell Shiphard suggests dandelion for diabetes and cancer, along with other herbs. It’s good stuff!

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First, identify your dandelion and make sure it hasn’t been sprayed. If it’s not growing in your backyard, ask a friend, community garden or find it in the wild. Your friends will be happy for you to dig it from their gardens! Dandelion grows all over the place, but is likely to be sprayed or contaminated on roadside verges and public areas.

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Dandelions (taraxacum officinale) have a basal rosette of indented smooth leaves – that means…

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